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  • ✅Water That Actually Tastes Good – for a lot of us, drinking a gallon of water a day can be more than a chore. When you open the fridge and there’s a chilled soda staring you in the face, we both know what we’re going to reach for, right? Not anymore. This Copper Water Glass makes water so chilled it will be the most satisfying thing you’ll drink all day! It makes boring tasteless water an absolute delight! Say goodbye to that horrible gassy bloated feeling!
  • ✅A Modern-Day Essential – You want to be healthier, don’t you? Water is boring to drink. only to find it doesn’t hit the spot compared to your favourite sodas and juice. Resisting is hard, but sugar can be associated with almost all the worst illnesses known to man. Choose a Copper Glass for Drinking Water to start living a long and healthy life TODAY! Drink to the future!
  • ✅Used By Ayurvedic Practitioners For Centuries – Drinking water stored in a pure copper vessel is speculated to have many major health benefits. It’s rumoured to slow down aging, aid in weight loss, help in pregnancy, a strong antioxidant that helps fight off diseases and boost brainpower. You’re only a few clicks away from looking and feeling like a new person! Let this ancient practice create a fresh start for your body.
  • ✅Quality You Can Trust! –There’s nothing more important than your health. Ditch the plastic Glasss and start drinking more water in copper Glasss. This water Glass will bring about a transformation you didn’t realize was possible. Invest in your health. Buy with confidence.
  • ✅Not Another Useless Generic Glass – Don’t waste your time ordering and returning low-quality imitations. It’s not your fault if you have, there are too many out there. Let us give you an authentic Handcraft copper water Glass for drinking there is. Joint-free, rust-free, with a wide mouth for easy cleaning. This Glass is your only safe choice. Get it right the first time!

Premium Quality Material

Crafted with care, the SIDDHATVA Copper Water Bottle and Glass Set boasts a 1-liter copper bottle and two accompanying copper glasses. Made from high-grade copper, this set offers not only elegance but also the potential health benefits associated with drinking from copper vessels.

Traditional Handicraft

Embrace the charm of traditional Indian craftsmanship with this Pital Ki Bottle and Glass Set. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, showcasing intricate designs that reflect the rich heritage of copper craftsmanship. Enjoy the blend of functionality and artistry in your daily hydration routine.

Healthful Hydration

Experience the potential health advantages of drinking from copper vessels. Copper is believed to possess antimicrobial properties and the ability to aid in digestion and metabolism. By storing water in this Tambe ka Bottle, you can infuse your daily routine with a touch of wellness while sipping in style.

Convenient and Stylish

This 1-liter Tamba Bottle comes with a secure cap to prevent spills and leaks, making it an ideal companion for your on-the-go lifestyle. The accompanying copper glasses complement the bottle’s design, offering a complete set for sharing or enjoying beverages solo. Elevate your hydration experience with the elegance and functionality of this SIDDHATVA Copper Water Bottle and Glass Set.


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